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Our Monthly Subscription Boxes

  • We operate a monthly subscription box for stationery lovers and enthusiasts. In case you are wondering how we came up with the name, we knew we wanted the first word to be simply because there will not be anything in the box that you will need an instruction manual to understand how to use it. 

    The name we initially wanted that contained was already taken by someone else, so we did the next best thing and changed the second word to create, and low and behold, it was free. That is how Simply Created came about. Each month our subscribers will receive a curated box of beautiful stationery items that are unique and typically will not be found in the stores. We choose things that will spark your creativity and assist with journaling or planning.

    Our monthly boxes include:

    5-8 Curated Themed Items Each Month
  • Variety of Hand Picked Paper Goods
  • Office Supplies
  • Products that are thoughtfully and carefully chosen for the stationery lovers
  • Journals, Stickers, Notebooks, Writing Tools, and so much more.
  • Motivational Quotes

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